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Sanctuary is where we take care of our soul. It is both a place and a state of the mind and heart - a refuge to hold dear and to reverently give.

Visit this section of the website for invaluable articles and resources about many aspects of Sanctuary as a need in daily life.


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Peace in our heart.
Peace of mind.
If we desire peace on Earth and in our life, we need to know how to live peacefully.
Breath Peace.

This section of the website offers an expanding variety of articles, aids and resources to nurture Peace in your life.



It is vital to overall wellness to find ways to heal, regenerate and celebrate life on Earth. We are always in need of joy and to serve others joyfully.

In this ever growing section of the website are numerous articles, ideas and resources to inspire you.

Cortesia Sanctuary

Earth is a miraculous sanctuary. On it one can create a refuge by reverent association with a place. Thus we become planetary stewards.

Learn about the 22-acre nature sanctuary that inspires this website:its stewards, gardens, woods, events and other news.



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How to Save $100-200 a Month — Grow Your Own Food!

Eugene, Oregon – Spring 2009 — A new type of Victory Garden has returned in hard times! — Millions of people are choosing to grow their own food for food security and financial savings. Fortunately, they have a new, compact, and affordable (only $6.95!) 68-page guide to help them out: Grow Your Own Food Made Easy (Cortesia Press). Million-copy bestselling authors, gardeners and wellness practitioners, Dr. C. Forrest McDowell and Tricia Clark-McDowell have done it again with their newest Made Easy guide — showing how to easily grow highly nutritious organic produce in a small garden patch, with huge grocery bill savings!

Earth-Friendly: Fully color-illustrated, Grow Your Own Food Made Easy gives accurate, concise and easy step-by-step instructions on over 25 Earth-friendly gardening subjects, including soil preparation, raised-beds, natural fertilizers, companion planting, cover crops, mulching, natural pest control, and more.

Nutrition Connection: Over 16 pages provide invaluable tips for growing vegetables and fruits that help reduce cancer risk, aid in weight control, and increase ingestion of protein, calcium, iron, vitamins A & C and more! Included are detailed charts of nutritional, harvesting, storage and eating information for over 40 vegetables and fruits, including sample food garden designs. Notably, this is the only guide of its kind that integrates nutrition and gardening!

A Book Whose Time Has Come! — Inexpensive, accurate, practical — Grow Your Own Food Made Easy promotes money-saving, space-efficient, Earth-friendly gardening dedicated to growing and harvesting optimally nutritious produce for personal health and food security.

The Authors: The McDowell’s have tended their food garden patch for over 25 years at their acclaimed Cortesia Sanctuary.
Their 32-page Home Composting Made Easy (Cortesia Press) is the world’s most popular compost guide for the public, with over 1 million copies in print, and distributed by hundreds of governmental agencies, organizations and businesses throughout North America. Their bestseller, The Sanctuary Garden: Creating a Place of Refuge in Your Yard and Garden (Fireside Books, 1998), introduced the innovative sanctuary and healing garden design concept.

Grow Your Own Food Made Easy —
Nutritious Organic Produce from Your Own Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

By C. Forrest McDowell, PhD & Tricia Clark-McDowell
Cortesia Press, 2009 • 68-pp, full color, perfect bound • 5.375 x 8.375 inches
ISBN: 978-0-943064-74-5

Read excerpts at Order on website via Paypal. Call or email for bulk pricing. Watch this guide grow on the Internet! Available on and selected Internet vendors

CONTACT (sales, interview, speaking):
C. Forrest McDowell, PhD or Tricia Clark-McDowell
Cortesia Press (Cortesia Sanctuary), Eugene, Oregon, USA
Phone: 1-866-837-5854 • Email: • Website:

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