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Peace Related

World Peace Prayer Society

Peace Centers

Peace One Day

Peace Poles

Spiritual Endeavors (peace organizations)

Opening of the Heart

Earth Dance International

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

We Are One Movie (the work of Mary Robinson Reynolds: Make a Difference)

Just a Minute (a peace-for-a-minute project of the Brahma Kumaris)

Peace Pulse (in support of a minute for peace)

Life Without Anger (the Dean of Peace)


The Association for Global New Thought

Purple Moon Peace Stickers & Love Stickers

Talking Proud - A Magazine About Service & Sacrifice

United for Peace & Justice

International Day of Peace Organization

International Peace Bureau

United Religions.org

Peace Pilgrim

National Peace Foundation

Schumacher College (England: Transformative Courses on Sustainability)

West Wind Collection (beautiful peace and prayer flags among other lovely items)



The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Abraham (Esther & Jerry Hicks: their work about channeling Abraham)

The Conscious Living Foundation (Practical steps to greater peace, hope, love & joy)

Sacred Sounds Radio (beautiful music: yoga for the ears)

Self Realization Fellowship (parent organization about the life and teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda)

TUT's Adventurers Club (explore the power of thought & creative visualization)

The Secret (website for the phenomenal blockbuster movie about the Law of Attraction)

The Law of Attraction Blog (a part of the Secret movie)

The Moses Code (independently produced inspirational movie that is a excellent follow-up to The Secret movie, moving one to go deeper; not created by the creators of The Secret)

Centerpointe Research Institute (how to control brain wave activity to increase relaxation & creativity)

Immrama Institute (CDs on how to relax the mind and increase creativity)

The Federation of Damanhur (perhaps one of the most amazing communities and region on Earth, in Italy; incredible underground temples, artistans, gardens, etc.; actually several small towns

Valdichy (a geographical region in Italy next to Damanhur)

Human Greatness.org (stories & conversations on human greatness in America: an ongoing project)

Agape International Spiritual Center (in Southern California, founded by Dr. Michael Beckwith)

The Gaia Project (about the coming Earth changes up to 2012)

Grandmothers Speak (an amazing worldwide project for empowering women and comforting men)

World Sanctuaries (organization to aid in the creation of personal and public sanctuaries worldwide)

Free Wheelchair Mission (organization helping to create and distribute durable low-cost wheelchairs to Third World countries)

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Yes! Magazine

What is Enlightenment Magazine (excellent online magazine to inspire)

The Gold Scales (Art, wisdom & lore: the vast archive of deeper thinker Tormod Byrn Kinnes of Norway)

America the Beautiful Fund (gives free seeds, bulbs & literature annually to over 60,000 organizations and agencies throughout North America)

You Are the Light (poignant short online videos to inspire, produced by Mary Robinson Reynolds)

Soles 4 Souls (amazing organization that gives away millions of shoes to the needy worldwide)

Goddess: Divine Mother of the Universe (an excellent archive about all aspects of Divine Mother)























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