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Peace Pole

Peace Pole
Cortesia Sanctuary
Eugene, Oregon
Tens of thousands of people worldwide have chosen to display a Peace Pole to demonstrate their commitment to Peace. A Peace Pole acts as a silent prayer and message for peace on Earth.

Peace Poles have been offered for many years through the noble efforts of the Peace Pole Project. They have distributed more than 200,000 Peace Poles, dedicated as monuments to peace, in over 180 countries. From their website they state:

  • Peace Poles are often planted to commemorate special occasions, such as holidays, anniversaries, events and festivals. Or any date may be chosen to dedicate a place to peace. They serve as constant reminders for us to visualize and pray for world peace.
  • A Peace Pole may grace a town square, a school, a park, a place of worship, an office or a garden. Or they can put forth your community as an example of how to live in peace. Whatever the location, the presence of a Peace Pole announces that this is a special place, dedicated to peace on Earth.
  • Planting a Peace Pole is a way to bring people together on an inspiring project to join in a network of peace consciousness that is emerging all over the world. It is a wonderful project for any community group, from children to senior citizens.

The Peace Poles made by the Peace Pole Project, via Peace Pole Makers USA, say on each of four sides May Peace Prevail on Earth (in languages of one's choice, inscribed on plexiglass); there is no other artwork. We honor the tremendous dedication these people have shown worldwide (almost single-handedly!) to bring Peace Poles into people's lives. Costs for such poles range from around $200 to well over $1,000.

Our Peace Poles are Sold Out!

Please Note that our Peace Pole is no longer available for purchase.
The information we give is for inspiration.

The PEACE POLE: A Work of Art!

Visitors to the stunning woods and gardens at Cortesia Sanctuary have admired the beautifully unique Peace Poles. Ours are no "plain Janes." We teamed with a gifted local Eugene, Oregon artist-creator of these poles, Lucy McIver, to create a durable, all-weather pole.

Look at the gallery below to see the details of our Peace Pole.

Note: The artwork is different for each of the 4 sides; see description below.
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4 Themes on the Peace Pole

Peace on Earth
Peace in my Heart
Peace in my Home
Peace in my Garden

Each pole has the same themes and artwork. However, no two poles are alike because each is handcrafted from start to finish. The highest quality, earth-friendly materials are used; the artwork simply reflects the creative skills of the artist during the assembly process.
Below is a description & images for each of the pole's 4 sides.
See bottom of chart for further description of materials.

Peace on Earth

Image of Earth
Peace Dove
Peace symbol at top
Interlaced leaves

Other Symbols/Words
for Peace appear randomly on pole in
Spanish, French, Arabic,
Japanese, and other cultures according to artist's whim

Peace in My Heart

Abstract hearts with
"Peace in my Heart"
inscribed in English,
Russian & Hebrew
Peace Dove
Lotus blossom at top

Peace in My Home
Image of a Home with blue pathway & tree
Peace Dove
Tao Peace sign at top

Peace in My Garden
Image of tree, roots
& flowers
Peace Dove
Chinese hexagram for peace at top


Only the highest quality, Earth-friendly materials are used to make each pole
  • Cedar pole measures 8 feet (2.44 meters) in length. It is 4 inches x 4 inches square (10cmx10cm)
  • All paint is outdoor grade latex; all painted artwork is coated with varnish for weatherproofing
  • Pole cap is high quality cedar, painted, artistically trimmed and sealed
  • The Peace Doves are ceramic tiles that are high fired and glazed in a reduction process similar to Raku. Each one of the 4 tiles is exceptionally unique. No two are alike, from initial molding and shaping to firing. They are attached to the pole with heavy-duty outdoor silicone adheisive, effectively sealing the backside from the elements. They will not detach or erode.
  • 2 Pole colors to choose from: deep cedar (shown) and sage green

Creator of the Peace Pole, Lucy McIver
All poles are created in Lucy's studio, Eugene, Oregon.
Her staff reverently assemble each pole over the course of several days.

Please note that our Peace Poles are no longer in production.
We hope these images inspire you to create your own!