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10 Virtues of Peace: Introduction

We create the world in the way in which we perceive it. For example, if we are preoccupied with violence, we see it everywhere we turn, most often reminded of it repeatedly through the media. There are ways of living, however, that allow us to experience peace within our heart and mind. Most cultures and faith traditions adhere to virtuous behaviors that guide one's everyday life. Much has been written about virtues - noble qualities of character and conduct that ennoble life on Earth.

The 10 Virtues of Peace describe just a handful of noble concepts that can help inspire your search for peace. In the following series of brief essays, Dr. C. Forrest McDowell integrates ideas drawn from numerous faith traditions and philosophies, balanced by inspiring quotations, thoughtful questions and a few practical strategies.

The reader is encouraged to reflect upon each virtue in their life. If so inspired to share your own personal views about a particular virtue, as you apply it in your life, please email it to us using the Contact Us link above. We would love to hear from you.

Peace be with you.

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