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Convenient, concise information and an ecologically sound approach.
Bart Johnson, Ph.D., Professor Landscape Architecture

High praise for this marvelously accurate, state-of-the-art guide.
Pat Patterson, Oregon State University Extension Service Coordinator, Master Gardener Training Program

A simple, commonsense guide that teaches ordinary householders to turn waste into soil as rich as gold.
Suevo Brooks, author
The Art of Good Living


Municipal & State/County Waste Officials
Educational Organizations
Garden-related Businesses

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by Christopher Forrest McDowell, PhD & Tricia Clark-McDowell

Cortesia Press, 1998 (7th edition 2012)
Trade Paper, 32pp
Size: 5.375 x 8.375 inches
ISBN-13: 978-0-942064-74-2

Over 2,000,000 in print!

  • Used throughout North America by hundreds of municipalities, counties, waste management districts, states, organizations, and businesses.
  • Considered to be the best educational guide on home composting for the public
  • Absolutely the easiest and funnest book to read about composting: illustrations, step-by-step instructions, state-of-the-art advice.


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What is Compost?
Benefits of Compost
Compost: Key to Nutrition
Setting Up Your System

Composting Systems
Siting Your Compost Area
Stockpiling Materials
Composting Basics

What to Compost
The Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
How to Use Activators
Turning Your Pile
Composting: A Quick Start Guide

The Add-As-You-Go Pile
The Batch Pile
Grass Clippings
Food Scraps
Leaves & Weeds
Garden Debris
Worm Composting
Compost Tea

Stages of Composting
Using Finished Compost
Questions & Answers
Troubleshooting Chart

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